Finally, time to hit the road and cruise west and into spring and warmer weather!



Here is the general lay-out of our plans for the following weeks:



1) Watch the movie "Cars"


2) Groups


- groups are formed


- each group is given a state, and will follow the Mother Road as best possible from East to West in that state


3) supply a travel route from Nesna to the state line of yuour state (in writing)


4) select a vehicle the group wishes to use for transportation


- use the same type of vehicles if all the group members do not fir into one


- the choice of vehicle might make a difference as we go along


- supply your travel leader with a group photo of you by your vehicle(s). (PowerPoint has a simple to use tool for removing background from pictures, and is an easy to use tool for making a group photo)


5) stops along the road will be anounced, and you will be given assignments at each stop


6) you keep in touch with your class mates travelling other sections of Rt 66. This is done by SMS/twitter. Each traveller is responsible for posting one sms/tweet per week (this is done over it's learning)



Hit the road, guys!


I'll be cruising the Mother Road, and you can seek assistance from me any time.

Send me a message if you get into trouble...


Your travel guide,