Revving up, and ready to go?


Well, first things first.


1) How do you plan to cruise Rt 66? Your group needs to agree on your preferred means of transportation. When discusing optins, it may be wise to check out youtube for videos showing Rt 66 in your state - perhaps a stretch limo is not the best option? Remember that your choice of vehicle may influence how the future tasks may be solved.


2) You have to get to the state line for the start of the journey. Plan your journey from Nesna to the state line/beginning of your journey.


3) You arrive the state line, and the vehice(s) of your choice are waiting for you. Create a grup photo of you and the vehicle(s). Photoshop or Paint are ways to go... ;-)

Getting to know Rt 66 and your state


4) Write a report on the significance of the interstate highway in the selected state. What happened to the area when Route 66 was established, and what happened when Route 66 was bypassed? How was this represented in Cars?