You promised great auntie Agnes to bring back a souvenir. Along the road side you come across a native of the state running a nostalgia gift shop. You pull up with your vehicles, and after purchasing some of the goods on offer, he/she is happy to talk to you, and you already have a number of questions in your head that you would like to ask.

The local asks about your background, and you get into a talk about (im)migration.



It might we wise to make a checklist of all items to ensure all tasks and good ideas are catered for. Supply the check-list for inpection (in your product)


1) Find out what Indian tribe the souvenir seller belongs to, and make write a letter to auntie Agnes about the past and present situation of his kinsmen. (min 400 words)


2) Among the weird stuff you find, you discover a box of old letters, and one is from a third wave immigrant to his younger brother at home. After hitting the road again, you retell the contents of the letter to your fellow travellers.(min 400 words)


3) You get caught up discussing American traditions with the shop keeper, and you learn a lot about typical traditions - new and old. Will you be able to remember all this info without writing it down? Time to get your note book out and take a few notes.(min 400 words)


4) The local is curious about your background, and wants to know whether you have any relatives in the US. Enlighten him on Norwegian migration to the US.(min 400 words)


Oh, and what did you find to bring back to auntie Agnes? How about a picture and a little background?


Luckily, you can keep in touch with with your friends travelling other sections of RT 66 (send at least one sms per person). To save money, this may be done via the designated forum

Terms to look up?


Items for presentation?

- Immigration


- texts

- Third Wave


- images

- Native Americans


- video links?

- American holidays/celebrations


- QR codes?



- sms messages to your peer travellers in the other states