Pulled over!




Heading East, all is well and you are all enjoying a laid-back cruise along the Mother Road. Out of the blue - excuse the pun - you catch a glimpse of some blue, flashing lights in your rear view mirror. You slow down to let the Highway Patrol pass - but they don't (!) You are pulled over!



Waiting for the officer to step out of his car and approach your vehicle, you try to figure out why you are pulled over, which law you have broken. As a group, you are unable to agree on the reason for being pulled over, and you all have your ideas. Until you know for certain, you stick to your own stories.



- Good afternoon, may I see your driver's licence and pink, please...


The officer asks you to empty out your back packs, and you are surprised to find - crumpled on the bottom - the key to an old school assignment.


Sitting in the back of the police car,you have time to think about law and order, and your thoughts drift to the political system and international politics. The officer finally sorts things out, and wants to know if you have leraned your lesson. Being slghtly dazed by the situation, you start to blabber about law and order, politics and USA and the world.



Task 1

Give a reason for being pulled over, and identify the local/state law you think you have broken. Make a source reference to the law.


Task 2

Check the key for the assignment found in your back pack (Little Red Riding Hood). This can be done at leisure along the road to the next stop.(this document will be posted on it's learning)


Task 3

a) give a brief description of the differences between state- and federal law. Show some examples.

b) give a brief over-view of the US courts

c) explain the principles of "checks and balances"

d) give an over-view of the road to presidency

e) the USA has been seen as the world police. What is meant by this?


Tasks 1 and 2 are to be adddressed by all, and the group needs to decide who selects which of the tasks for Task 3.


How to solve/submit the tasks:


Task 1 - Written. Length not specified, but you do need to present your ideas as if telling an interesting story. Record your story using Audacity, and export file in the MP3 format. Embed in text document. Discuss in group, so not to have to reasons alike.


Task 2 - this is grammar work at your own leisure; no required hand-in


Task 3 - Written, approx 300 words. You may copy text from the Internet or your book, but you MUST include all sources as foot notes (exact web page and date)- Record your text using Audacity, export as MP3 file and embed in text document.


Don't forget to keep in touch with your friends through an SMS or a tweet...


rear view mirror video clip

California Highway Patrol documentary

Hint Task 1: search for "[state] criminal laws"

pink ("vognkort") video clip

AC/DC Highway to Hell


Higway Patrol video clip

Highway Patrol documentary