Stopping for fuel for you vehicle, and a cold Coke for yourselves, you sensibly visit the rest room while the attendant fills up.


Ready for an icy cold Coke to clear your throat of the hot dust, and refresh your hot body, you fish ut some quarters and head for the vending machine. Close by the vending machine, on an old disused chair propped up against the wall, you discover an old book.Curious as you are, with cold Coke in one hand, you pick up the book and become intrigued by its title: Ghosts of Rt 66 - a collection of tales. No one appears to own this old book, so you bring it with you to kill some time before going to sleep that night. The book provides a fascinating read. You finally fall asleep to the leisurely turning of the ceiling fan, and he hot chilly you had for a late dinner does its work on you, and you have an unstteled night filled with dreams.







1) conversions....

a) what coins/notes are legal ender in the US today? Do they have "names"? Make an illustraed list.

b) what units are used for: volume, weight, area, length, and temperature. How do they convert to Norwegian equivalences? Make an illustrated presentation, where you show examples of comparison. (group activity)


2) Select one of the stories from your state, and use this as an inspiration for writing down the ghost story in your dreams.(individual activity - minimum 500 words.)








Sources & hints:


The stories:

Elements in a ghost story:



Length: inch-foot-yard-mile

Volume: oz-pint-gallon

Weight: ounce-pound

Area: square inch/foot-acre